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Terrorism of the Secularist Fascists & the Unending War PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal   
Tuesday, 06 September 2016 18:06

The cradle of holocausts

The West –especially Europe has proven to be the fertile breeding ground of evil ideologies that brought holocausts to millions of people all over the world. Adolf Hitler was not the only European to cause holocaust; he had many more European predecessors to cause scores of catastrophic holocausts all over the world -especially on the land of Americas, Australia, New Zealand. The West has never been the cradle of any Divine religion or any benevolent civilisation; rather has given birth to colonialism, imperialism, racism, capitalism, nationalism, fascism, Nazism and many other toxic ideologies that caused bloody civil wars, occupational wars, World Wars, Cold Wars and ethnic or ideological cleansing. More awfully, the West could add a new level of carnage in the history by dropping nuclear bombs. The quest for acquiring most devastation weapons of mass destruction still continues. Recently, the remotely controlled drones has enormously enhanced the USA’s terrorising power; anybody in any part of the world can be easily targeted by its war machine.


The 21st Century Crusade & Emiratisation of the Muslim World PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal   
Saturday, 09 July 2016 13:18

The gazaisation

The Muslim Ummah now stands hostage to a new level of military aggression, occupation, deaths and destruction –as the people of besieged Gaza are suffering for more than a decade. The Israeli model of brutal gazaisation has its own admirers and perpetrators. The model is now replicated in many parts of the Muslim World. The perpetrators are not only the illegal state of Israel, it is the US-led global coalition of the 21st century crusaders. The medieval crusaders could occupy and run genocide only in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas of Palestine. They couldn’t invade deep inside the Muslim Middle East and fragment it into more than 20 pieces. They couldn’t run massacre in Damascus, Baghdad, Aleppo, Homs, Hama, Mosul, Kabul, Kandahar and other great Islamic cities. Even the Mongol Tatars –known for their genocidal massacres, didn’t raze any Muslim city to the ground. But now the brutality has attained a new high; hence, Gaza is not the only besieged and ruined city on earth. Aleppo, Hama, Homs, Falluja, Tikrit, Ramadi and many more cities now stand as the perfect replica of Gaza in the Islamic heart land.

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The Coalition’s War & the Calamity of Moral Death PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal   
Monday, 20 June 2016 00:57

The coalition in crime

The Muslims now face one of the most critical crisis in the history. Deaths and destruction abound everywhere. Alavi Shia regime of President Bashar al Assad in Syria and the pro-Iran Shia regime in Iraq are relentlessly engaged in killing the Sunni Muslims and destruction of Islam’s historic heart land. They have forged coalition with the known external enemies of Islam. The majority Sunni Muslims of Iran had the same fate of persecution and genocidal cleansing with Shia occupation of that country by the Safavi Shia rulers in the early sixteenth century. They were give two option: either to convert to Shia belief or die. The predominant Sunni Iran was then forcefully converted to a Shia Iran; and a wall of complete separation was built against Muslim World on a sectarian line. Since then, Shia Iran worked as a close partner of the European imperialists to restrict or truncate the Osmania khilafa –the citadel of Muslim power in those days. Today, Iran has returned back exactly to the same role. They trust and make partnership with the non-Muslims than the Muslims.


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The Ideological Meltdown of Pakistan PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal   
Saturday, 31 October 2015 11:40

The betrayal

After the conquest of Delhi in late 12th century by Muhammad Ghouri, the creation of Pakistan is the most important event in Muslim history of South Asia. The inspiration for such a great achievement came from no other source or individual but from the holy Qur’an –the fundamental source of all inspirations of the Muslims. It was another great leader like Qaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who could successfully lead to another great victory for the South Asian Muslims. After a long colonial occupation, the degenerated and demoralised Muslim Ummah could find a ray of new hope in the creation of this new country. It went like thrills of astounding victory all over the Islamic world; and was indeed a remarkable achievement of the Indian Muslims. While the Muslims of other parts of the world were awfully disintegrated and the Arab heart land got fragmented into 22 pieces, the Indian Muslims showed astonishing spirit of pan-Islamic brotherhood and unity. It wasn’t any tribal, racial, geographical or linguistic affinity or any secular ideology that helped create this largest Muslim country in the contemporary world. It was only Islam that galvanised the Muslim population of the whole South Asia to unite against the British colonialists and the majority Hindu to establish an Islamic state. The Muslims can’t attain such success on their own; it was indeed a great blessing from Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la that was bestowed on them for their pan-Islamic unity.

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The War on Islam and Islamophobia of the Muslims PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal   
Sunday, 11 October 2015 01:11

The calamity fo unending war

Imperialism never dies; only changes its targets, strategies and war fronts. The human history gives full testimony to it. Imperialism -for its survival needs invasion and occupation of the foreign lands; hence needs war. It is the most manifest symptom of the disease that the imperialists find their national interest inside every other country of the world. Hence, as a part of the disease, the USA -from the distant corner of the globe gets very obsessive to cross the whole Atlantic or Pacific Ocean to bomb Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria or any other countries. The imperialists’ war caused the greatest and worst catastrophe for the whole mankind; such war inflicted more deaths and damages than that are caused by all the earth quakes, cyclones, floods and the wild animals. They killed more than 75 million people only in two World Wars. The World Wars stopped; but the list of wars is unending. The killing and the destruction still continue with more lethal weapons of mass destruction. France killed 1.5 million only in one war in Algeria and the USA killed about 2 million in Vietnam and about 1 million in Iraq and Afghanistan. They also run many proxy wars with their own money and weapons in various parts of the world. The imperialists also caused huge deaths even to their own people. Imperialists thus stand as the wickedest forces in the whole human history. In recent years, the deaths caused by all the anti-imperialist militants all over the world are indeed peanuts in comparison to that caused by the US-led imperialists.

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