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The Most Important Issue in LIfe PDF Print E-mail
Written by Firoz Mahboob Kamal   
Monday, 16 January 2012 22:38

How important is the important issue?

Like a piece of melting ice, our expected days of life are shrinking each day. But surprisingly, many people live this life without knowing its ultimate purpose! Even not realising the most important issue! They exactly resemble a man who drives days and nights without knowing the roadmap. Whatever efforts he puts only expedite his journey towards a wrong destination. Are we among them? A good job, a nice house, good food and professional skills are mere means of our survival. But it is most important to live this life to meet its assigned purpose. Even in ancient ages, people showed wonderful skills. They built pyramids, raised huge wall on mountains and preserved decaying deaths for ages.

Islamic Movement: Extremism or Expression of True Belief? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal   
Saturday, 01 January 2011 06:23

Like Islam, Islamic movement too, is highly misunderstood by both the Muslims and the non-Muslims. Many people think it mere a political cry of a few extremist fanatics for capturing power. To them, it is not a core belief of the mainstream Muslim faith, but a doctrine of a few. So they label them as deviants from Islam. Movement itself gives a connotation that it entails educating, training, organising and mobilising people for a political end. They can not think of such a political agenda for Muslims in any Muslim and non-Muslim country. Instead, they have their own prescription for the Muslims. According to them, Islam has nothing to do with politics, culture, law or economics of a country. These are the worldly domains only to be managed by the secularists or non-religious people. They advice Muslims to restrict the Islamic influence within their individual lives, at best inside mosques. They must not the cross that boundary to enter arenas of statecraft. With such conceptual framework they argue, why should Muslim have an Islamic movement? Political and social movement, according to them, is the sole privilege of the secularists whom they consider the right people to run a country. They can not think that a religion should take control of a state. They consider it a gross violation of its boundary.

Islamic Movement: Option or Obligation PDF Print E-mail
Written by Firoz Mahoob Kamal   
Saturday, 01 January 2011 06:17

The Muslims’ current failures are not mere in economy, education, science or technology; the most basic and devastating failure is in the understanding of Islam – the unique and the most valuable possession. Other failures are indeed the results of this basic failure. And all these failures have led to moral, cultural, behavioural and political failures. They have failed even to understand the very purpose of the worldly survival. So their vision, mission, life style and political priorities do not match with those of the early Muslims. Indeed, they are far away from that. Otherwise, like early Muslims, they would have been engaged again in building a civilisation force. But they are far away from that.

Islam assigns a clear goal to the believers. And to help reach that goal, shows a clear roadmap.

Importance of Media PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 08 April 2009 00:00
The Change Agent

The world is changing very fast. Its culture, science, morality, politics, religions, demography - almost everything is in rapid transition. Indeed, changes are blossoming everywhere. Emergence of new ideas, science and technology was never new in human history, but the way the world is shaking with changes is a very recent phenomenon. The changes that took place in last 50 years did not happen even in millenniums. But why such colossal change with such an incredible speed? What is the main factor behind it. It is media that lie behind the whole process. It is the greatest change agent in whole human history. Media works miracle through spreading ideas. News, commentaries and analysis whatever it publishes every day add immense impetus to humans' thinking process - the greatest powerhouse to generate knowledge. With the initiation of media, thinking no more a prerogative of philosophers, it turns universal. It is, indeed, a major shift in intellectual history of mankind. The amount of intellectual output that gets spread each day by London's dailies was not done even in a year by the whole humanity a century before. These are the real seeds of change. Change can never breed in intellectual void; rather stagnation is its natural outcome. Such void de-humanises man to lower animal. And media eliminates such intellectual void even from the remotest men on earth.
Muslims’ Cultural Conversion in the West PDF Print E-mail
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In the powerful melting pot of the West, people of different creed, culture and beliefs are being moulded into a single brand. The current deluge of the western culture largely owes to its mighty television, films, media and other propaganda skills. Clashes of civilisations in the past almost always precipitated clashes of cultures. The cultural boundary was found to be a common precursor of the geographical boundary. People formed state, fought wars, made alliances just to protect their distinctive cultures, but now the cultural invasions goes on unarmed. Invasions through borders are now seldom required except for regime change and ethnic cleansing. Nations are being subdued with out firing even a single shot. When cultural distinctiveness disappears, the reason for maintaining a costly independent entity hardly exists. Through the same process, the German, the French, the Italian, the Spanish and other nations in the North America lost their own distinctiveness and gave birth to the USA.

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