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Tuesday, 24 November 1998 00:00

Bangladesh now passes through its most critical period of its history. The country’s economy, culture, politics and even its sovereignty are at stake since the foreign agenda have almost overwhelmed those national issues. The aliens have effectively used this fertile land to rear their most obedient surrogates. The nation is indeed divided two nations: nation of Islam and a nation of anti-Islam. The Muslims forces now stand face to face against these home-grown intellectual and political aliens. Now the stakeholders of the conflicts are not only the people of Bangladesh, among others India now appears to be a major player. Since the conceptualisation of a nationalist Bangladesh, India enjoys a vintage point in its politics. The secular nationalist forces of the country have a long history of collaboration with India to promote communal Hindu hegemony in the sub-continent. Through effective propaganda, they could successfully glorify their servile past and persuade a large part of younger generation to carry on their own legacy. Such spectacular success of the pro-Indians owes to heavy Indian investment in projects in Bangladesh that are primarily aimed at intellectual and cultural conversion of the young generation.

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