The Genocide in Gaza: Is It the Turning Point? Print
Written by Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal   
Saturday, 09 August 2014 22:46

The unending war

The enemies’ war never ends. It only takes pauses for making bigger battle. The imperialists’ war that started against the Muslims in Arab World in 1917 got new life in 1948, 1967 and 1973, and still continues. Each time the enemies set new goalposts and implement new strategies. In 1917, it was aimed at dismantling Muslims’ huge pan-Islamic political infrastructure –the khelafah, and occupying its lands. In 1948, the goal was to establish Israel – a garrison state of the western imperialists in the heartland of the Muslim ummah. In 1967, it was to grab more lands for a greater Israel. But now, the new agenda is ethnic cleansing of the occupied lands. In a period of 6 years, Israel launched 3 devastating wars against 1.8 million people of Gaza. The one month old current war had a 72 hours’ ceasefire, and it has again started on 08/08/14. According to Al Jazeera news on 9/08/14, the war has killed 1,914 civilians in Gaza and more than 9 thousands are injured and about 3 hundred thousand people are displaced. Hamas killed 67 Israelis; of them only 3 are civilians. The civilian death in Israel was only 4.4%. But in Gaza, it is 73%. Therefore, Israel’s war was not only against Hamas, but also against the innocent civilians.


So far, the Israeli Army has destroyed 110 mosques, 66 schools, 8 hospitals, one Islamic university and 111 UN relief offices. Huge number of houses, shops, offices and roads are also destroyed. Gaza is now a devastated piece of land. After all these devastation and genocide, Israel’s intention for killing more people and causing more destruction is still thriving. The Israeli Prime Minister Mr Benjamin Netanyahu told in a press conference on 2/08/14 that Israeli army will continue the operation in Gaza even if the war ceases. Hence, Israel’s appetite for killing more and destroying more looks unquenchable. There exists no power in the world that can stop such genocidal war. They are killing and tormenting the people of Gaza in other ways, too. Gaza is just like a prison, and has not been given access to the outside world. Gaza lies on the bank of Mediterranean Sea; but denied any sea port. It has an airport; that was bombed to the ground. Thus, essential infrastructure for sustenance of human habitation is getting systematically destroyed. Hence, people are put under constant pressure to leave Gaza: another effective strategy for ethnic cleansing.


The genesis of such sustained war owes to Israel’s own creation. Israel was illegally transplanted in an occupied Muslim land by the British imperialists. Now its illegal existence is facing an acute rejection crisis. A healthy body never accepts any foreign transplant. Body’s own immunity becomes inherent enemy against such plantation. If Hamas was not there, some other organisations would have emerged with the similar or more intense commitment against Israeli occupation. In medical science, it needs massive suppression of the body’s own immunity to protect the transplant. In social science, it needs a full ideological or religious conversion. De-Islamisation, secularisation and conversion to nationalism, socialism or western liberalism are the tools to supress such rejectionist immunity. But recent resurgence of Islam has made those tools ineffective. Hence Hamas, not Fatah is getting the upper hand. And Jihad, not negotiation is getting popularity.


Moreover, like Ka’aba in Makka, Baitul Muqaddas in Jerusalem doesn’t belong to Palestine alone; it belongs to the whole Muslim ummah. Hence occupation of Jerusalem has already spread shock waves of rejection all over the Muslim World. Muslims’ anger against Israel can be easily felt from millions of Muslims’ participation in protest rallies against Israel all over the world: in fact, no other issue in the world shows such strong connection with Muslims’ emotional fibres. Therefore, even if PLO or neighbouring Egypt or Jordon accept Israel’s illegal existence, still it will be rejected out rightly by the Muslim ummah. Today they fighting only against the people of Gaza; but tomorrow they have to fight an unending war against the whole Muslim world. Hence, Israel and its imperialist supporters fully understand that Israel needs to fight a continuous war for its survival. This is why the USA and the European Union fully support Israel’s genocidal war in Gaza. Even deaths of innocent children by Israeli bombs do not touch the heart of these war mongering imperialists; rather applaud Israel’s military might. They label such massacre as Israel’s right for her security. The European colonialists could survive in America and in Australia only through similar ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Red Indians and Aborigines. Israel too took the same route since its creation to ethnically cleanse most of the occupied land. For the same reason, the current war in Gaza is becoming more and more genocidal.


The clash of civilisation

The UN and its imperialist policy makers gave Israel the leeway to continue the massacre for more than a month. Not a single sentence was adopted in the UN to condemn such genocide. The UN’s job has been nothing more than silently watching the devastation. The reason is clear. The UN is under full control of the former imperialists. About 1.2 billion Muslims have no say in its security council; but it can’t pass any resolution without the approval of 55 million British or 60 million French. So, the UN itself is hostage to these imperialists. The war against the Palestine is not the war of Israelis alone. It is also the war of the USA, the UK, France and other European countries. These western countries have lost their geographical empires: but still have economic, cultural and ideological empires. Israel is fighting the war in on behalf of these imperialists to sustain their dominance. President Barak Obama in his recent speech in Brussels called it war of ideas. Such imperialistic idea of the West justified the genocidal occupation of Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq in the past; and now supports genocide in Gaza. The US academic Prof Huntington called it clash of civilisation. Hence the West’s war against the Muslims never ended, the US war planes therefore restarted the bombings in Iraq to do more massacres and retain its dominance.


Hence, Palestine represents the frontline of war not only between Israelis and Palestinians, but also between two civilisations. Israel represents the western culture, values and ideas against Islam. The imperialists share the costs of this war against Islam voluntarily: hence, Israel need not ask for such western help. Since the creation of Israel, the USA alone spent 121 billion dollars to support Israel’s war efforts. The USA government finance 25% of the Israel’s defence budget.–(Source: Al Jajeera English). While Israel is still continuing massacre in Gaza, the USA Congress has granted another 225 million US dollars to support Israel’s anti-missile radar system on 01/08/2014. The USA’s annual contribution to the Israeli army is 2 billion dollar. In 1973, while the Israeli army faced some serious crisis in war in Sinai, the USA government arranged quick air delivery of advanced weapons to Israel. Thus it shows the degree of USA’s involvement to save Israel from any military defeat. Israel receives huge aid in its war from the UK, France and German, too. These western imperialists take all steps to protect Israel from condemnation in any UN and international forums for its alleged war crimes. But the irony is: the Palestinians are fighting the war alone against the coalition.


The disconnection & the powerlessness

The Muslim ummah is totally powerless. They can only watch the enemies’ atrocities, but can do nothing to undo it. They can do some protest rallies in the streets; but such rallies do not reduce Israel’s crimes. The genocidal army never listen to lectures; neither does possess any sense of shame to pay heed to any condemnation. Hence, Allah SWT’s prescription against such brutal enemies is different: prescribes a full scale jihad against these criminals. Hence, the prophet (pbuh) of Islam and his companions did not do any rally, nor did mere dowa; rather did jihad to defeat the enemies in the war front. Jihad has other consequences: it is the only way to bring down the blessing of Allah SWT to defeat. When the Muslims start jihad, they do not stand alone in the wart field: Allah SWT’s huge army of angels also join them. Hence, they were not alone in Badar, Ohud, Hunayun and other wars. In such fight, not only the angel, but also air, seas, even other creatures joined the Muslim army. This is why Pharaoh’s army couldn’t kill unarmed Hazrat Musa (AS) and his people. Arrogant Abraha met the same fate. He marched with a massive army from Yemen to demolish the house of Allah in Makka. His army that also comprised of a large number of elephants were demolished by a Divine army of tiny birds that dropped pebble as missiles. Fate of war is not made in war fields; rather comes only from All-Powerful Allah SWT. The Muslims won all of their wars in the past only by the help of Allah SWT -not by their superior number or military might. That was possible only because of their strong connection with Him. But now, the Muslims are following a path far away from siratul mustaqem. Jihad –the war in the way of Allah SWT has no place in their self-engineered roadmap. Most of them consider it a delusion of a few fanatics. Such deviation from the Qur’anic road map is enough to disconnect these deviants from Allah SWT.  The current state of powerlessness of the Muslims in fact, owes to such deviation and disconnection.


Allah SWT’s has clear promise for the Muslims. Victory is theirs if they follow the Qur’anic roadmap. Otherwise, defeat and disgrace in this world, and hellfire in hereafter are also guaranteed. And who can be more truthful than Allah SWT in keeping the promise? In fact, the Muslims have already started to see Allah SWT’s promise. Their current defeat and disgrace owe to the fact that they didn’t follow the Qur’anic roadmap. Instead, they are pursuing tribal, regional, national or autocratic route. The Palestinians are not the exception either. The Palestinians under Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) and Fatah are trying to become more Palestinian. Establishing the self-rule or sovereignty of the Palestinians has been the sole objective of their long struggle: establishing sovereignty of Allah SWT, sharia and khelafa is no issue for them. On the contrary, in the early days of Islam, the sole objective of wars was to bring the supremacy of Allah’s sharia laws and His sovereignty. The great prophet of Islam (pbuh) died, but his Divine mission did not die with him. It survived with the institution of khelafa that inspired the Muslims to carry out the same prophetic mission as his viceroys. Thus khelafa became the most fundamental Islamic institution and the inseparable part of the Muslims’ core beliefs. But now, the Muslims have totally betrayed such prophetic mission. Khelafa, jihad, sharia, concept of ummah, the pan-Islamic brotherhood and unity are no more the parts of the Muslims’ belief today.


The ‘chicken’ states

Mere hard efforts, bloody wars and heady sacrifices do not bring any success: need to be made in the right way. The question is: in different fields of life, how to know the right way? In fact, it is the most crucial issue in humans’ life. It cannot be invented in laboratories. It is the sole domain of Allah SWT. “Inna alaina lal huda”: “Surely, responsibility of showing the right way rests on me”. –(Sura Lail, verse 12). Hence, it can only be learned from the Holy Qur’an –the last revealed book. In fact, the whole point in revealing the Holy Qur’an is to show the right way. One cannot reach the right end of the journey if any part of the road remains un-navigated. But, the Muslims show little interest to know and follow this Divine road. Khilafah, sharia, jihad, pan-Islamic brotherhood and unity are the inseparable parts of the road map. But they have abandoned these parts of the road map long ago. They dismantled 1300 year old Khilafah; and discarded its concept into the bin. Instead, in the name of different language, regions, tribes, ethnicity and ideas they have divided the Muslim land into 57 chicken states. A chicken can be easily caught and killed even by a child. On the other hand, even a big lion dare not touch a huge elephant. A lion understands that its sharp teeth can’t go much deeper than the thick skin of an elephant; hence can never touch any of its vital organs. Rather chances of being trumpeted under the feet of the elephant are quite high. This is why the fate of a chicken state is extremely vulnerable. In 1757, Bengal was easily captured by a small battalion of private soldiers of a British business company called East India Company: the British Royal Army didn’t need to engage in that war. Whereas the British Empire’s own army didn’t dare touch the elephant state of Osmania Khilafah even in its heyday. The same amount vulnerability even exists today for each of the 57 chicken states of the Muslims world. Israel could easily defeat and occupy a huge chunk of land of Egypt, Jordan and Syria only in few hours in 1967. The current geopolitical map of the Muslim world with 57 Muslim states was created by the imperialists only to feed their own greed for more Muslims’ lands, lives and wealth.


The prison cells

In true sense, the Muslims are now living in prison-cell-like states. Each cell represents each of these nation states. Like a prison cell, these nation states too have their boundaries. Any attempt to break or cross the boundary is a punishable crime. The rulers are little more than jailors. Their main job is to ensure sustained captivity of the inmates of the cells. If any men and women are tortured to death or burnt alive in one cell, the prisoners of other cells can’t help the victims: at best they can watch. Hence, the Muslims of the neighbouring Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon can’t help their blood-bathed Muslim brothers and sisters of Gaza. They could only watch the brutal deaths of the children and women there. They were successfully barred from fulfilling their obligation of protecting them. In days of Khilafah, the situation was altogether different: they didn’t have any Rafah Crossing like barriers in the midst. Hence, the people from one part of the ummah could easily reach the other parts to defend their persecuted brothers and sisters. The Kurds, Turks, Iranians, Egyptians and others could freely join the battle against the Crusaders. But now such freedom has been snatched away in the name of so-called nation states.


Any disobedience or betrayal of Allah’a order is a major sin. “Don’t get disintegrated (la tafarraqu)” is Allah SWT’s command –(Sura Al Imran, Verse 103). Hence, it is a great sin to be divided and disintegrated. But such command has been flatly betrayed by the Muslims. Every sin brings its own punishment. It does not need to be an idol worshipper to bring down Allah SWT’s wrath; disunity is enough to do the job. To warn on such dreadful consequence Allah SWT revealed: “And be not as those who disintegrated and made differences among themselves after the clear proofs had come to them. It is they for whom there is an awful torment.”–(Sura Al Imran, Verse 105). So disunity among the Muslims brings down the severe punishment of Allah SWT. The creation of 57 chicken states is a clear proof of such betrayal. As result, 1.8 million people of Gaza are abandoned by 1.3 billion Muslims. The responsibility of defending these defenceless people has been put on the shoulder of few thousand Hamas fighters. 1.3 billion Muslims have turned into silent watchers!  Many people find easy complacence by giving some charity. The past glory of the Muslims was not built on mere charities. They needed to make a united front against enemies and engage in jihad. But now, none of these exists. Is it not enough to bring the wrath of Allah SWT on them? Defending independence is the most costly job. Even the rich European countries like German, England or France could not do the job on their own, hence forged alliance. For them, such unity was not a religious obligation; rather considered it a political necessity. But in Islam, forging unity is not politics, rather a religious obligation; and breaking a Muslim country is a major sin.


Celebrating the disunity

The prime objective of creating 57 chicken states in the Muslim World was only to dismantle the bondage of Islamic brotherhood of the Muslim ummah and give sustenance to the state of powerlessness. The Israeli attack on Gaza has already exposed that. No amount of dowa, building mosques and madrasa or economic progress in the Muslim world can undo such powerlessness. Even if per capita income of these chicken states goes 100 times higher than that of the Israelis, will that enhance their defence strength? The prison population may increase by billions, but such increase in number does not enhance their strength. Even a single free man is stronger than millions of caged men and women. The same is true with 1.3 billion Muslims living in 57 prison-cell-like states. In the past, only a few millions Muslims could build the most powerful state on earth. But now, even 1.3 billion Muslims cannot defend their own women and children. Even 55 million British or 60 million French possess more power than these 1.3 billion Muslims. Five million Israelis are stronger than 220 million Arabs. Such an awful weakness of the Muslims owes to their captivity within in the borders of the prison states. Such division was non-existent in the golden days of Islam. The early Muslim didn’t have oil or gas, but had true belief and unity. They celebrated the unity, and hated disunity. But now they are practising the exact opposite. Celebrating the disintegration of the Muslim ummah and the creation of these new chicken states in various names has been the most important element of political culture in each of these 22 Arab states. And they raise armies, make budgetary sanctions and make alliances even with the non-Muslims to defend such disintegration.


The infrastructure of failure

The Muslims all over the world are experiencing a phenomenon of sustained failure. There is no sign of recovery. Disintegration of Muslim ummah into 57 nation states is indeed the perfect infrastructure of such sustained failure. This infrastructure was raised in Muslim lands by the imperialist enemies to keep the Muslims disconnected. The USA, the European Union and other enemies of Islam want to protect this infrastructure by any means. The reason is understandable. Sustenance of dominance over the Muslim countries and exploitation of their resources solely depend on it. The same infrastructure is helping the Israeli army to keep Palestine under full occupation. Former Iraqi President Saddam became the enemy of these imperialists only when he touched one of the pillars of the divisive infrastructure by occupying Kuwait. Armies all over the world were mobilised to put the pillar in place again.


Maintaining the current infrastructure of disintegration is the sure route of powerlessness and defeat for the Muslims. This also brings curse from Allah SWT. Disunity has its own breeding ground: nationalism, tribalism, racism, regionalism and religious ferkaism are its perfect recipe. National and tribal states are the infrastructure to keep such division alive. Each of these states boasts as the best on earth; and spread hatred against others. The Europeans have already tasted the curse of nation states. Germany, the UK, Italy, France and others nation states caused more than 70 million deaths in two World Wars. The crime of the Muslim nation states is no less awful either. They have offered not only a divided geopolitical map to the Muslim ummah, but also the extreme helplessness. It also needs to be understood that the prisoners can’t forge unity. For that, they need to come out of the prisons first. The captive Muslims living in 57 nation states with the infrastructure of state-built barriers tried to form unity in the past but failed. The Organisation of Islamic Conference, Arab League and Gulf Council only made history of failures.


The betrayal

The people of Palestine have little choice. They cannot solve their problem alone. How such a small population can fight the most powerful state of the Middle East. In true sense, Israel is nothing but the extension of the USA and also of the European Union. Moreover, Israel’s protector is not only the USA or the European countries. Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other tiny Arab countries are also doing the same job. The rulers of these countries are the ardent supporter of Israel’s killer regime. It is important to note that the grand Sheikh of Saudi Arabia has given fatwa against joining demonstration against Israel. The Egyptian media have gone to the extent to even praise Israeli army for its campaign and condemn Hamas for its resistance. Israel not only represents west’s culture and values but also its imperialist military might. Hence, war against Israel means war against the USA and the European Union too. However, the people of Gaza did their job bravely and marvellously: a few in the world can think of fighting such an asymmetrical war.


It is an irony that the occupation of Jerusalem -the first kibla has been labelled as a Palestinian issue – even by the leaders of Muslim countries. Is it not a betrayal of a purely Islamic issue? Is it not that the whole Ummah is engaged in that crime of betrayal? Salahuddin Ayubi was not a Palestinian. He was a Kurd. But he fought fiercest battle in history against the Crusaders. Even today, as was in Crusaders’ day, ending the Israeli occupation does not lie in the hand of Palestinians. The whole ummah must come forward. For that, it needs gross structural changes of the Muslim world. Their problem lies in their geopolitical map. If the current geopolitical map of chicken states survives in the Muslim world, no amount of sacrifice of Palestinians can defeat Israeli aggression. They couldn’t free even an inch of land from Israeli occupation in last 60 years; rather have lost larger chunks. If the Muslims do not dismantle the existing infrastructure of disunity, even in coming hundred years, they will achieve nothing. Rather, there are chances to lose a lot. In the Holy Qur’an, it has been already warned: “Allah SWT never changes the fate of a people unless they change themselves”. And the change must start from moving from disunity to unity, from kufr law to sharia law, from nation states to khelafa and from fighting in ethnic or national cause to jihad in the way of Allah SWT.


Khilafah: the Divine infrastructure of unity

Allah SWT has His own prescription for Muslims’ political unity and victory. It is through khelafa. Khilafah is Islam’s own way to raise the Muslims as the unified political, cultural and civilisation force, and to establish Islam as the overwhelming faith all over the world. It is Islam’s sole political infrastructure to dismantle all ethnic, nationalistic, linguistic barriers and to raise Muslims as a solidified global ummah. Hence if khilafah disappears, the Muslims no more exist as ummah: rather emerge as tribally, nationally or regionally divided states. In fact, such division in ummah is a clear deviation from prophet’s roadmap. Hence these are bid’a -ill-intended innovation to harm the ummah. Under the Khilafah the Arab, the Kurd, the Turk, the Persians, the Moor, the Afghans, the Ethiopians, the Barber, the Somalis and others could peacefully co-exist and prosper in any part of the Muslim World. They could travel thousands of miles without any visa or fear of persecution. Makka, Madina, Damascus, Baghdad, Cairo, Istanbul, Alexandra, Aleppo and other Muslim cities could emerge as multi-ethnic cosmopolitans. Before Islam, such peaceful co-existence was unknown in the vast swath of the land.


Khilafah survived as an institution for about 1300 years. For the last 90 years, the Muslims have no khalifa. With the destruction of Khilafah, scores of national and tribal states emerged on its death bed, and gave birth to an infrastructure of disunity, fratricidal warfare and decadence. Secular infrastructure has its own in-built anti-Islamic agenda. With a secular infrastructure in place, if the most pious man of the country is placed as the head of the government, he can seldom deliver any meaningful service to Islam and Muslims. Rather the un-Islamic laws, the secular judges, the interest-based banks, the secular education, the corruptive culture and the state-protected institution of adultery like prostitution will continue to inflict lethal blows to the moral and spiritual health of the Muslims. In such anti-Islamic milieu, even a pious man will be politically and culturally incompatible and fully ineffective. Hence, the prophet of Islam (pbuh) brought infrastructural revolution in pre-Islamic statecraft. If the state infrastructure of khilafah based on jihad, sharia, jijiya, pan-Islamic brotherhood, unity and Islamic education get firmly installed, even some incompetent khalifa cannot do great damage to the ummah. Islamic education, shariah, jihad and jijiyah and many other Qur’anic prescriptions can still function. The state institutions still can function for greater Islamic cause. The most of the Umaiyya, Abbasiayya, Ayubi and Osmani khalifas were much inferior to the standard of khulafa-e-rasheda. But still they could do a great service to Islam and the Muslims. They fought against the enemies, protected the lives and honour of the Muslims, and gained huge geographical land for the ummah. It was the blessing of khelafah that founders of Israel weren’t given a chance to establish such a cancerous state.


The coalition

The enemies of Islam are not divided. They consider khilafa as their common enemy: hence, formed a coalition against its emergence. Only at the time of Mongol invasion under Halaku Khan, Muslims did not have any khalifa. In such void, the Muslims did not offer jumma prayer. Khilafah is such a crucial institution that the Muslims even in those tragic days didn’t do any delay to resurrect it. Khilafah was finally dismantled in 1924 by the nationalists, secularists, atheists and imperialist enemies of Islam. Even today, the Muslim World is still under the occupation of the same enemies. In the Arab countries, new enemies of khilafa are also installed by the imperialists as sheikhs, ameers, kings and military autocrats like General Sisi of Egypt. These enemies of Islam are not only against the resurrection of Khilafah, but also against resurrection of any fundamental tenants of Islam like sharia, jihad, jijiyah and pan-Islamic brotherhood. They call these basic beliefs as extremist views of Islam. But they conveniently forget they these were the views and practice of the prophet of Islam, too. The rightly guided companions of the prophet (pbuh) also practised these teachings. Ironically, many Islamists also hold similar secular views. Instead of Allah SWT, fear of the USA and other powers has more dominance on these Islamists. But, to adhere to the Qur’anic road map do the believers need any permission from these enemies?


The believing Muslims are eagerly waiting for the return of khelafa for 90 years. The Muslim World has produced a lot of rulers, but no khalifa.  It is a huge and calamitous void in Muslim polity. As if, millions of Muslims are waiting for a prayer, but there is no imam!  Khilafah is such an important issue in Islam that the Indian Muslims launched the largest mass movement in the early twentieth century to resurrect khalifa. It was indeed the first political mass movement in Indian history. Later on, the de-Islamisation project of the secularists killed such Islamic spirit. It is the riskiest job in the world; therefore, very few will have the courage to stand for khalifa. The USA will announce millions of dollar to get his decapitated head and will definitely send drone to kill him. They have already started bombing the northern cities of Iraq to prevent emergence of any khelafa state there. All the secularist, socialist, nationalist, racist, monarchists and atheists have already launched toxic propaganda against such Islamic project. Almost all of the Arab kings, sheikhs, ameers and autocrats will be ready to send their armies to the borders of the potential khelefa state. In such political milieu, the contemporary khalifa must have some exceptional courage. He must be a frontline fighter and ever ready to be a shaheed. A ruler with love for duniya and little commitment to jihad cannot think of such job.


The turning point

The people of Gaza have made huge and horrific sacrifices. Such sacrifices never go unnoticed in the sight of Allah SWT. The ultimate winner in war is not decided on earth; rather in the heaven. Allah SWT never takes the side of unjust killers. Hence Pharaoh and his huge army couldn’t survive; but unarmed Hazrat Musa (AS) and his people prevailed. For the same reasons, the world power like the USSR and the USA couldn’t win the long war against the poor Afghan jihadists. Deaths of hundreds of innocent children, men and women can do miracles against Israel. Millions of the Muslims have seen with their own eyes how the innocent children have been slaughtered by the Israeli Army. They have seen how the mosques, schools, hospitals and houses have been flattened. Horrific deaths of the innocents may not have any impact on dead souls, but will boil the blood of the believers. The blood of martyrs never goes in vain; rather transfuses strong iman and bondage of brotherhood into the souls of the survivors. Islam thus gets new life after each Karbala. To build new infrastructure of brotherhood, the Muslims have already started dismantling the so-called divisive national boundaries. The border between Iraq and Syria has already disappeared. Syrian border with Lebanon is also melting down. About one hundred years ago, there was no such border in the area either. It was built by the British and the French imperialists under the deceitful Sykes-Picot Agreement for joint occupation of this Muslim land.


Enemy’s war always brings death and destruction. It brings new opportunities, too. The kuffars of Arabia caused deaths to more than 70% of the companions of the prophet (pbuh). But their blood didn’t go in vain; rather made the Muslims most powerful ummah on earth. Such huge investment of blood in Allah SWT’s way brings huge blessings from Him. And if Allah SWT helps, who else on earth can defeat them? Israel is not stronger than Soviet Russia. Soviet Socialist Republic of Russia had thousand times more missiles and nuclear war heads than Israel; but still couldn’t survive on the world map. Jihad in Afghanistan caused its ultimate collapse. The USA too, had to withdraw from Afghanistan with humiliation after 13 years of war against Taleban. Israel is not stronger than the USA either. Allah SWT takes side with Jihad: it is His own promise in the holy Qur’an. Hence jihad is always invincible. Hence the key to win a war is to turn it into a holy jihad. The USSR and the USA have already tasted the lesson. The secularists of Fatah or PLO, and the Egyptian and Syrian Army couldn’t stand even for a week against the Israeli Army. But the jihadists of Hamas could stand more than a month. Unlike PLO or Fatah, Hamas could transform a secular war into a holy jihad. This is their greatest success. And when Jihad starts, it starts to bring Allah’a assistance, too.


The holy jihad is no more limited to Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine or Chechnya. The whole Muslim world is now quickly changing to be the field of jihad. Jihad is a faith-based war; and faith has no geographical boundary. Hence, when jihad spreads, the geographical boundary of the nation states also starts melting. Jihad creates great warriors; builds people’s great morality and taqwa. It brings spiritual and moral revolution. It brings political revolution, too. Islam produced its greatest people from the field of jihad; not from any college, university or sufi khanqa.  Now the ummah has reached a new state. In Europe, the nation states have lost its attraction. They have merged into European Union –on the way to form United State of Europe. Establishing khelafah –the pan-Islamic state of the Muslim ummah is no more a wish of a few. Thousands of jihadists from all over the world are now ready to fight and sacrifice their lives for it. Israel can bomb all over Gaza. But, can they bomb whole of the Muslim World? Even the USA and its ally do not have the capacity to do that. Hence, the people of Palestine can find some new hope. The Muslim World is moving fast towards that turning point. 9/8/2014


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