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Written by Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal   
Saturday, 11 October 2014 16:51

Defeating Islam is the issue

The imperialists do politics, fight wars, occupy lands and kill millions not for mere economic exploitation and military or political gains. They want to defeat and destroy their ideological competitors and survive as the sole civilizational force on earth. After the sudden demise of Socialist Soviet Union – the West’s most powerful ideological challenger, the Western imperialists had a great joy of relief and a strong spell of euphoria.  They thought that they have won the final war of ideas and the history of mankind has reached its end with liberal capitalism as the global norm of civilisation. They could really think of a global village with global Western values. The euphoria was so immense that many capitalist gurus like Francis Fukuyama declared it the end of history. Carl Marx too, died with a dream of such euphoria. He believed that the victory of the proletariat and the emergence of classless communist society are inevitable. Marx claimed it the ultimate end of historical determinism. But such Marxist theory proved utter nonsense.

With the emergence of Taleban Islamists in Afghanistan, establishment of Islamic khilafa in Iraq and Syria, and rise of militant Islamists in many other parts of the world, euphoria of the capitalists has also quickly evaporated. Fukuyama’s “end of history” proved nonsense, too. In fact, the history itself proved it never ends. Since the clash between the Divine truth and the satanic falsehood survives in all ages; history too continues. Contrary to the common belief of the capitalists and the socialists, history never takes a linear course. History takes turns and even makes reversals. It itself doesn’t possess any inherent determinants to decide its own destiny. Force of the Divine faith, concomitant commitment of the followers of the faith and ultimate wish of Allah Subhana wa Taala decide which way the history should move.

The engine of history is running fast in many parts of the Muslim world. It is getting enormous fuel from the blood of the Islamists in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Somalia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mali, Nigeria, Algeria and many other parts of the world. Islam is showing a strong global resurgence. The Western imperialists are not happy with such a new trend of history; and want to stop it. Hence President Barak Hussain Obama and his cronies had to declare a global war against the Islamists.  So the US, the UK, the French, the Canadian and the Australian planes are on a bombing mission in Iraq and Syria. What Israel did in Gaza, they are doing the same in the Islamic State. Defeating Islam has now emerged as the most important issue in the capitalist camp.

Phobia of Islamic State & the paranoia

Iraq and Syria is more than 7 thousand miles away from the USA and Canada. But the imperialists living in that distant part of the globe find their survival at risk with the resurgence of Islam in the Muslim lands. The Islamic State has no Navy or Air Force. But still, the USA and its capitalists ally find high security threat in their homes, offices, streets, trains, planes, buses and in capitals from the army of Islamic State. They could win a World War in 5 years, but can’t think of winning the war against Islamists even in 25 years. Now the current challengers to the imperialists are not the other imperialists, but the Islamists. In World Wars they need not fight such Islamists. Hence the scenario is different. President Barak Obama’s former Defence Secretary and former CIA chief Mr Leon Panetta recently told: it may take 30 years to defeat the Islamic State. It is also an incorrect assumption by an imperialist who still think that the US army can never be defeated, it only takes some extra time to win. Does he think that the US can fight a war for 30 years?

The US and its gang of ally couldn’t win the war against Taleban even in 13 years. At the end, they are packing bags to return home with sense of extreme humiliation. Nor could they win war in Iraq. They couldn’t win war in Vietnam either. The Islamic State has proved its strength much stronger than the Taleban and the Vietnamese. Eight hundred Islamic State fighters could rout 30 thousand US trained troops in Mosul in less than 24 hours. The US has superior air power; but that too is failing. The constant US bombing in the city of Kobane failed to stop the Islamists’ advance. Such a display of fighting strength of the Islamists has generated an intense Islamo-phobia in imperialists’ mind: the fear has indeed made them pathologically paranoid and wholesale homicidal. As a consequence, in the absence of army barracks, arms industry or war installations, the US and UK fighter jets are now bombing roads, houses, caves, hills and mountains in Syria and Iraq. They consider them as the potential military targets. From the US warships in the Mediterranean, they even fire Tomahawk missile of several million dollar worth to blow up few Islamists’ home in residential cities. Due to same homicidal paranoia, they could kill and maim hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children in Iraq and Afghanistan without a single remorse of conscience.

Defending capitalism is the war cry

In wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the US alone has spent more than one trillion dollars and sacrificed more than 5 thousands of their own people. More than forty countries also fought side by side with the US. Now the US and the same bunch of its ally are back in Iraq and Syria to do the same. More than 60 countries have announced their readiness to join the war against the Islamic State. Here the issue is not defending their national borders: in fact, the war is taking place thousands of miles away from their border. It is the war for defending capitalism as a global ideology. So, the whole world is their war field. The backbone of the capitalism is its massive military power: not any ideological superiority. So, they have decided to defend their ideological frontier with fighter planes, missiles and bombs. In war of ideas, the imperialists consider it the only option for their ideological defence. In the past, Pharaoh, Nimrod and other forces of evil deployed the same lethal tool and the same strategy to defend their tyranny and falsehood.

The US-led war in Afghanistan was not for mere removal of the Taliban. Nor was it for oil or gas. In fact, Afghanistan has little oil or gas to offer. But the country has much more precious asset in its possession. Under the Taleban rule, Afghanistan possessed Islam as the state ideology. It was enough to be the target of the global nexus of the evil forces. Afghanistan also possessed other strategic assets: out of all Muslim countries it was the only country that had the largest number of jihadists who could readily sacrifice their life for anything that is Islamic. Hence, Afghanistan appeared as the number one threat to the hegemonic agenda of the imperialists. This is why it became the immediate target of the West’s savage war and a full military occupation. The prime aim of the war was to dismantle the Islamic State of Afghanistan and its Islamic institutions; and to raise secular institutions populated by their own brand of ideological converts with extreme anti-Islamic commitment. The same agenda is back in their list in the war against the Islamic khilafa.

Dismantling khilafa is the aim

In the past, the colonial occupation of the Muslim countries led to huge genocidal massacre, massive economic exploitation and extreme political deprivation. But the greatest damage to the Muslim Ummah was done by dispossessing Islam from the ownership of a state. The full Islam can never survive or grow with such dispossession. It was the greatest harm not only to the Muslims, but also to the whole mankind. As a consequence of such dispossession, Islam –the only revealed religion of the Almighty Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala couldn’t deliver His greatest gift to the mankind for the benefit both here and in the hereafter. As a result, Islam -the complete roadmap for the mankind, could survive only as a bunch of religious rituals with few dogmatic beliefs. The arenas of politics, economy, culture, judiciary, education and other institutions of public guidance and governance were overtaken by the followers of toxic ideologies of the evil forces. Such occupation of the Muslim lands still persists: only the ethnicity of the occupiers has changed, but not the anti-Islamic commitment.

An ideology always needs a powerful state as its supporting backbone. Otherwise it can’t stand anywhere in the society. Nor can its social, moral and ethical policies get any place in politics, culture, education, economy, judiciary and other important arenas of life. Such a stateless ideology can never emerge as a civilizational force, therefore fails to make any positive impact on human history. This is why, Christianity in the West, Confucianism in China or Hinduism in India has little impact in civilisation building. These religions do not survive in any societal laws, values or state policies. In such crucial context, how the revealed religion of Allah –the Most Wise and the Most Well-wisher of mankind can ignore such an important civilizational issue and allow the sustenance of occupation of states and societies by non-Islamic evil forces? Hence, the prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) and his great companions passionately engaged to end this occupation and establish an Islamic state from day one of their mission. For such a historic job, all the Muslims needed to migrate to Medina and consolidate as a solid fighting force for the newly formed Islamic state. Without establishment of such a state, the whole mission of the Divine prophet hood and the whole purpose of revelation of the holy Qur’an would have been fruitless. In whole human history, establishment of such an Islamic state was indeed the most important, most beneficial and the best civilization making task. For its creation and defence, more than 70% of the prophet’s companions needed to sacrifice their lives. Still it survives as the most important legacy of the prophet (peace be upon him) that every Muslim must practise as an integral part of their faith. Otherwise it amounts not only to blatant betrayal to the prophetic mission, but also to denial of Islam as a Divine roadmap.

Communism was once a powerful ideology and a dominant world power. But those days of dominance are quickly gone with the wind as soon as it was dispossessed from the ownership of the largest state of the world –the Soviet Union. Now it ceases to be a powerful political ideology. The enemies of Islam have taken down the same route to de-empower the Muslims and Islam. They take it as the most effective way of defeating Islam as an ideology. Hence, they want to keep such dispossession of Islam from ownership of state as a permanent status quo. Any attempt to break such status quo is perceived as a great threat to their imperialist agenda. Their own stooges in the occupied Muslims countries like the Saudi and Jordanian kings, the UAE and Qatari sheikhs, the Egyptian and Pakistani generals and other tyrants also perceive the massage same way.  This is why the recent declaration of Islamic khilafa quickly alarmed the enemies of Islam worldwide. The Western imperialists identified it as the greatest security threat. The Muslims have more than 60 countries.  But none is perceived as such a threat to the imperialists.  Hence the main purpose of the US led-war against Islamic khilafa is not to protect any people, nor to promote democracy or human rights; it is aimed only to destroy this Islamic state.

Establishing khilafa : An obligation

Unlike other religions, Islam has its own social, political, educational and judicial policies. Without implementation and practice of those policies, Islam can’t be practised as full Islam. Hence disconnecting state from such Divine policies -as prescribed by the secularists is haram in Islam. It is a clear command of Allah Suhana wa Ta’ala -as revealed in the holy Qur’an that every Muslims must enter into the full compliance with Islam. Allah Suhana wa Ta’ala reveals: “O you who believe! Enter into submission one and all and do not follow the footsteps of Shaitan; surely he is your open enemy.”- (Sura Baqara verse 8).  So, partial compliance with Islam is no Islam at all; rather it abhors Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala’s above Qur’nic order. So compliance with Western legal, cultural, educational, economic and philosophical model can’t get any place in Muslims life. Rather it amounts to following Shaitan’s footsteps. But such Islamic policies can’t be practised inside mosques or houses only. The Muslims must possess enough geographical space and political power to do that. To get such a space and power, establishing Islamic khilafa becomes a religious necessity and a Muslim’s obligation. Early Muslims did that. Muslims of other ages and of other places must do that too. Indeed, the Muslims need to be faith-bound natural warrior for creating and defending such khilafa.

Islam is the religion of peace. But peace can never be delivered without a decisive victory against the army of evil forces. It obligates fighting against the enemy of peace. It is a Divine tool to enjoin peace and eradicate the vice. Hence jihad becomes a Divine prescription. For such a constant war against nexus of evil, Islam also needs an omnipresent army of committed fighters. And to raise such an army, Allah Subhana wa Taala has His own plan: the Almighty makes a binding deal with every believing man. The text of the deal -as revealed in the holy Qur’an comes as follows: “Surely Allah has bought of the believers their persons and their property for this, that they shall have the garden: they fight in the way of Allah, so that they kill and are killed; a promise which is binding on Him in the Taurat and the Injil and the Qur’an; and who is more faithful to his covenant than Allah? Rejoice therefore in the pledge which you have made; and that is the mighty achievement.” –(Sura Taubah verse 111). Hence in Islam, belief in Allah Subhana wa Taala, doesn’t end in mere words: it implies a solemn deal with Him. As a part of the deal, jihad becomes a binding obligation. It works indeed as a perfect recruitment tool for the Divine army. Fighting and sacrificing in the way of Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala thus becomes the natural outcome of Muslims’ faith. Eternal place in paradise comes as a reward to such combatant believers.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was indeed the emblem of fulfilling such a solemn deal. He himself organised and took part in many wars. He was badly wounded in war, too. His faithful companions too, fulfilled the same deal. Creating and defending the Islamic state stayed in the central point of their life. It is so important that spending few moments in defending the frontier of Islamic state was described by the prophet (peace be upon him) better than spending whole night in non-obligatory (nafl) prayers. The prophet of (peace be upon him) also mentioned, “Whoever never took part in jihad, neither intends to do so in the future is a hypocrite.”  Jihad is so basic to Islamic belief and practice that none of the early day’s Muslim abstained from it. Jihad was not only the integral part of their life; most of them indeed sacrificed their life, too.  As a consequence, establishing khilafa and growth of the Muslims as the most powerful civilizational force became a reality.

The only option and the greatest crime

Apart from fulfilling the deal with Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala, the Muslims in all ages possess no other important obligation. Like the early days’ Muslims, the same success can come even today. Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala is omnipotent: His Divine roadmap can show the road of success, peace and prosperity at all times an in all places. In fact, the full compliance with Islam’s guidance by today’s Islamists in Iraq, Syria and few other Muslim countries has already shown some spectacular successes. Establishing an Islamic khilafa, and its quick victory over a land larger than Great Britain is an example. The Islamic State has grown so powerful in such a short period of time that the US needs more than 60 partner countries to fight this nascent state.

The Western imperialists’ agenda is now clear. They call such a full compliance to holistic Qur’anic belief as political Islam. They call it evil and barbaric. They want to destroy such faith in all possible way. President Barack Obama vowed it; other imperialists supported it. Hence their target is not only the khilafa or Islamists, rather the whole body of the Qur’anic Islam that generates such combatant faith against the global forces of evil. The enemies of Islam fully understand that mere dismantling the Islamic khilafa and killing of the Islamists in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen or Somalia will not solve their problem. If the Islamic faith –as practised by the prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) and the early days’ Muslims survives it will continue to raise Islamic states in other parts of the world. Therefore they started war on Islam. The prophetic Islam is their prime target. This way they want to disconnect the Muslims from the Qur’anic guidance. The project started with the colonial occupation of the Muslim lands. Now the neo-imperialists want to continue it. What can be the greatest crime against Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala and the true Muslims than this imperialist ploy?  11/10/14

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