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Written by Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal   
Tuesday, 13 January 2015 23:12

The coalition of state terrorists -along with 40 heads of states, displayed their unity in Paris on 11/01/15 and showed their deep hatred against the Muslims. In the pretext of honouring those who were killed in the office of Cherlie Hebdo  -the newspaper that published offensive cartoon against prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the western leaders attempted to hide their own horrendous crimes. Occupation and genocide in foreign land have been the common imperial tools to maintain their dominace, hence was never condemned if done to promote  their imperial interest. It is so much integrated in the wenstern culture and values that the western barbarity like colonial occuptation, war for occupation, cleansing of native population received not only mass  support in the west, but also full engagement of the  people for the continuation.

These imperialists killed more than a million people in Iraq and Afghanistan in their recent wars of occupation.  Did they show a single moment’s silence in their memory? France herself killed 1.5 million Algerians in its war of occupation in the sixties. Did they pay any homage to those innocent people who were brutally killed there? Their only crime was nothing else but their demand for the end of France's coolinal rule in France. Recently the Christians killed thousands of Muslims in Central African Republic. Where is the solidarity with the innocent victims of the genocide? Since the victims are Muslims, they didn't deserve such respect and sympathy! 


But they showed solidarity with Cherlie Hebdo! They chanted chorus not only in Paris but also in all major European cities: “We are all Cherlie”. What does that mean? It means, like hateful Cherlie Hebdo they too declared that they are equal abuser and hater of our beloved prophet (peace be upon him).  They are not ready to retreat an inch from that abusive path. Not only with Cherlie Hebdo' abusive cartoons, they also show their full solidiarity with the Israeli attrocities.  Hence the butcher of Gaza -the Israeli PM was cordially welcomed in their midst.


They talk about protecting western values and culture. Do we need any lecture to understand the western values and culture? Didn't they display those values and culture during the last several centuries all over the world? Is it not the values and culture of military aggression, occupation, colonisation, imperialism, ethnic cleansing, slave-trading, genocide, World Wars, gas chambers, dropping atom bombs, waterboarding, Guantanamo Bay, Abu Gharib, Sabra, Satilla and Gaza? They killed 75 million only in two World Wars! Who else can match their brutality? Their war machines are still not withdrawn from the Muslim lands.

When all the Muslims will unite together to tell the world that we are all Palestinian?

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