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Written by Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal   
Sunday, 16 October 2016 10:57

Muslims’ vision and institutions

Making a man proper human has always been the most difficult as well as the most massive task in human history. An animal can be a full animal on its own; it doesn’t need any institutional care or education. But a man can’t grow up as a true human in an institutional void. In deprivation of humanising intervention, man turns animal, too. Hence, it is very crucial to build humanising institution. Only a value-adding institutional process can help men and women to grow up with human values. Humanity, morality, spirituality and other higher values rise or die in people depending on the quality and intensity of investment on such institutions. Families, mosques, madrasas, schools, universities and other institutions can’t do the job properly unless the state institutions and those who run the state play the role with higher conscience, knowledge and morality. The ruling elites are the people who drive the institutions. They can restrain, enhance, corrupt and stop the inputs; thus, they play the decisive role. The quality and intensity of the humanising process depend entirely on the political and ideological motive of these ruling elite. With the evil people in the helm of affairs, these institutions too, turn into most corruptive and dehumanising industry on earth. To run their evil operations, the wicked rulers like Pharaoh, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, George W Bush and others got the supply of their required manpower from these evil industry.  Hence it was the greatest wisdom of the prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) and his great companions that they gave topmost priority on freeing these institutions from the devilish occupation. Otherwise, all the Islamising efforts of the prophet and the sacrifices of his companions might have gone in vain –as happened with many prophets and their companions.



Islam needs its own type of people and institutions to promote its mission and vision. A plane can’t fly with the body of a bus. Hence, Islam has its own model of institution at all levels. It has a specific model of state, too; it is khilafa. It is unthinkable that a secular, tribal or nationalist state will help do the job for Islam and the Muslims. In fact, such de-Islamised states don’t fit into Islam’s agenda. Rather, such states distract the Muslims’ attention to serve the selfish interests of the corrupt rulers. Islam’s past glory, rapid expansion and the security of the Muslims’ life and honour indeed owed to the institution of khelafa. Hence, it wasn’t the prime target of enemy to destroy Mecca or Medina or any mosque, but to destroy the khilafa. Intact Mecca, Medina and numerous mosques couldn’t save the Muslims from the enemy occupation and its terrible tyranny. But the intact khelafa could do the job –as it did for about 13 hundred years. Hence the enemy didn’t do any mistake to select the right target. With the collapse of khelafa, the Muslims are now facing the constant tide of enemy aggressions, deaths and destructions –as currently ongoing in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Kashmir, Libya and many other Muslim lands. Constant humiliation has been the part of their life.

For the Muslim children, the institutional need is more specific. Not only they need Islamic families, communities, mosques, schools and universities; but also and most importantly an Islamic state to grow up as true Muslims. In such humanising cum islamising endeavour, the best and the most decisive inputs comes from All-Knowing Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. Because, only the Almighty is fully aware of the inadequacies of the humans. And, addressing those human inadequacies has always His greatest concern and the topmost priority. Hence, it has been revealed, “Surely Ours is to show the way.” –(Sura Lail, verse 12). So, He needed to send down thousands of prophets, commission angels and reveal Divine Books. Without the Divine inputs people may make empires, construct roads and highways, build pyramids, can fly in the space and drop nuclear bombs; but can’t grow as humans with higher values and morality. The history is full of such failures. Racism, colonialism, imperialism, ethnic cleansing, World Wars, dropping nuclear bombs are indeed the symptoms of such catastrophic failures.

The prophets didn’t come to teach agriculture, science or technology. They came only to deliver the most crucial humanising inputs -the Divine knowledge and guidance. It is indeed the most essential ingredient to purify people’s belief, thoughts and character. Only with such purification, a man and a woman can attain the status of his Lord’s true viceroy on earth. Only then, it becomes possible to raise higher civilisation –as was raised by the early Muslims. Otherwise, nations may show talents in making bombs, building industries, invading countries, and killing millions, but terribly fail to raise higher civilisation. Even in modern age, the people will still live with ancient ignorance vis-à-vis ultimate mission and goal of this life. Hence, those who wish to grow up with the Divine Truth and morality, they need to invest more on seeking Divine guidance, thoughts and ideas. They should also engage in enjoining the good and annihilating the wrong. This is indeed the Divine roadmap of success both here and in the hereafter. This is why, seeking Qur’anic knowledge and guidance was made obligatory from day one of Islam –not any prayer or fasting. It is the first and the most important obligation in Muslim’s life; and iqra (read) as the first revealed word of the holy Qur’an, in fact, symbolises the significance.


The infrastructure of moral and ideological death

In order to grow as a true Muslim, the individual effort of a man or a woman is not enough. Such a massive and crucial task of humanisation cum islamisation shouldn’t put on the shoulder of a lone un-enlightened individual. It is a huge prophetic job; and has its own Divinely guided methodology. In absence of a prophet, the head of the Islamic state and all the state apparatus must work together on behalf of the prophet –as happened in the early days of Islam. The laws for running a just and effective judiciary are given only by Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la; embodiment of such laws is called sharia. A Muslim ruler doesn’t own any sovereign right to frame any alternative law as the substitute. Nor does a rulers possess any right to appoint any of his inheritors as the ruler. The prophet didn’t do it, nor did the four rightly guided early caliphs. Hence no one possess such right either. Such monarchical practice is haram (forbidden) in Islam; Islam replaced such autocracy with shura and khelafa. Instead of claiming sovereignty, a Muslim ruler must work only as the khalifa (representative) of the prophet to continue with the prophetic tradition and the Qur’anic roadmap. It is the key concept of Islam that got corrupted later on by the power grabbing selfish rulers. The key responsibility of the Muslim rulers is to generate collaborative engagement of all the state and the non-state institutions in the service of Islam and the Muslims. All such institutions must work as the members of the same team to promote the same Islamic cause –as demonstrated by the rightly guided four caliphs. But such positive and collaborative engagement for the Islamic cause doesn’t exist currently in most of the Muslim countries. Rather the Muslim states and the state-run institutions are doing exactly the opposite; they are taking the Muslims away from Islam. Such deed indeed makes the preamble of constant calamity in the Muslim World. Those who turn away from Islam and align with the occupying kuffar forces, how can they escape from the promised punishment? In fact, punishment of such betrayal has been more severe in the past –as has been in the case of A’ad, Samud and the people of Madayen.

In many Muslim countries, the de-Islamisation project is so massive that the students are not taught meaning of even a single verse of the holy Qur’an in their 10 or 20 years of student life. This is indeed the greatest betrayal of Islamic responsibility by the Muslim governments. The worst victims are the Muslims themselves. They are failing to grow up as true Muslims. Thus, the Muslim states are working as powerful instruments for pushing the citizens towards the hellfire. Even the illiterate Arab shepherds of the early days could memorise more verses of the holy Qur’an and learn much more about Islam than the Muslim graduates or post-graduates of the modern universities. Thus, the benefits of an Islamic state and the calamity of a non-Islamic state get more obvious. In an Islamic state, all the state and non-state organisational premises turn by default into learning, guiding and enabling institutions. Teaching and learning massively happen in homes, mosques, offices and even in open spaces. Every man turns into a mobile teacher or a student; and sometimes turns into both. In such a learning environment, the open mind, the open ears and the open eyes of even an illiterate man or woman help him or her acquire significant amount of knowledge on Qur’an, prophetic tradition and other important life-skills. In the golden days of Islam, there was no college or university; but the most famous scholars of the whole Muslim history are the products of those days. But now, the things are moving exactly in the opposite direction. The state and its institutions are working as the perfect infrastructure for causing more ideological death. For example, the educational institutions, media and the party outfits are being used to immunise students against Islam. As a result, the so-called educated class of the Muslim societies –with few exception, has become extremely incompatible to Islam’s fundamentals like sharia, hudud, shura and khelafa. On the contrary, their compatibility with the enemy agenda is huge; hence the USA, Russia, India and the others easily get their foot-soldiers and partners in Muslim cities. These are indeed the signs of the institutional collapse of the Muslims that has caused immense moral and ideological deaths.

The culture of ignoring the Islamic obligation

It is the prime duty of a Muslim state and its institutions to generate the culture of adherence to Islamic obligation. Otherwise, an opposite culture develop to ignore it. Awfully, such a cultural shift has already happened in almost all the Muslims countries. And it has been the constant priority of the government and the non-government organisations in every non-Islamic Muslim country to re-inforce or strengthen such a cultural shift. Therefore, even in Muslim countries a true Muslim and his family feel the toxic hit of anti-Islamic culture. Hence, in order to continue with true Islam, building an Islamic state with its full Islamic milieu has always been the topmost religious obligation. Otherwise, the Muslims fail to discharge their duty as a true believer; and can’t work as a member of an Islamic civilizational force. In absence of such a state, they even fail to grow up as true Muslims. In the past, Islam could make the best people and could build the best civilisation on earth only because of such an enabling environment of the state. These could only be done due to heavy investment on moral, spiritual and conceptual development of the Muslims. The whole state and the all state-run institutions were engaged in that holy task. In fact, what else could be best deed on earth? In those golden days, the focus was never on building palaces, pyramids or Taj Mahal, but on best form of value adding on the humans. And they achieved the spectacular success in that field. So in the whole human history, the best humans were made in those days. Such a success can be easily judged by a singular fact that the head of the world’s contemporary super power could pull the rope of the camel while his servant enjoyed the privilege of sitting on its back –as happened during the Caliph Omer (RA)’s about 600 miles journey from Median to Jerusalem. Such an event never happened in any other part of the human history. But if the state is occupied by the evil forces, the history is then made by committing the ugliest crimes. Then, state-run education –the powerful tool of indoctrination, works as a massive tool to dehumanise and deislamise the people. The people then grow up with deep moral perversion. As a result, the people then enjoy and celebrate the ugliest crimes on earth. The US soldiers displayed such ugliest moral death not only in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but also in Abu Gharib in Iraq, Bagram base in Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay in Cuba and now in Kobani, Ramadi, Fallujah, Mosul and many other Syrian cities. Only because of such deep dehumanisation, the brutality in Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan or Kashmir is now getting nastier day by day.

The greatest piety and priority

Therefore, the danger of delegating state power to evil forces is catastrophic. No amount of good words, good deeds, prayer or preaching then help establish peace, justice or tranquillity. So, the greatest act of piety is not building mosque or give any charity, but to free a state from the occupation of evil forces. No faith, nor any faithful people can flourish under the evil occupation. Hence, from day one of the prophet hood, the mission of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was not only to convey the message of Islam as the messenger; but also to work as a perfect liberator and state-builder. He liberated the whole Arabian Peninsula from the evil occupation of the pagan criminals. The main focus of his mission was not to build any empire, but to construct a perfect Islamic state to help spread Islam as an effective global civilising force. All of his efforts and sacrifices revolved around this prime objective. From day one of his migration from the holy city of Mecca to Medina, the prophet (peace be upon him) became the Head of the nascent Islamic state, the Commander in Chief of its Army and the Chief Justice of its court. The great prophet (peace be upon him) raised his companions not only as devoted worshipper, but also as deep thinkers, tough warriors and able administrators. They showed their un-surpassed merit to make the Islamic state stable, strong and prevailing over the contemporary World as the number one global power. Within a short span of time, the Roman and the Persian Empire –the contemporary super powers were subdued under the Islamic caliphate.

The Divine trial

Establishing and defending an Islamic state –as practised by the prophet (peace be upon him), is in fact, the core essence of a Muslim’s survival mission. Without the support of a powerful state-craft, how the revealed Qur’anic Truth can prevail over the falsehood –as envisioned in the holy Qur’an? In fact, only through establishing an Islamic state, a Muslim can effectively contribute in fulfilling Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la’s vision that entails annihilations of the falsehood. But establishing an Islamic state is not an easy walkover. It needs huge sacrifice of money, lives, energy and efforts. It has been proven to be the costliest project of Islam in its whole history. For that, most of the companions of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had to leave their homes, fight endless wars, suffer extreme hardships and at the end sacrifice their lives. It is in fact a bloody battle against the enemy’s policy of wholesale man-slaughtering -as was the policy of the Arab infidels in the past. Even now, it is being executed exactly in the same way by the US, the UK, the Russian, the Israeli, the Indian and the French killers against the defenceless people in many parts of the Muslim World.

Such a field of state building is indeed the true exam field for the Muslims, too. Only in this field, the real Muslims get correctly sorted out from the fake ones. More importantly, Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la selects the martyrs from this field of Islamic state building. Such a crucial trial doesn’t occur in five times prayers, month-long fasting in Ramadan, alms giving to the poor and in attendance in the mosques. Nor does it happen in the rituals of Haj and in field of Arafah. Even the fake believers can do these. The real test starts when it is asked to stand up for Islam against the brutal armies. It is jihad in Islam. The believers then face severe affliction and may even meet death. But those who do not engage in state building, they do not face threat from the enemies. Hence, they do not face any trial either. Thus, the presence in the field of jihad works as the process of purifying the believers. Moreover, it is the only way to eradicate the enemies. Allah Sub’hana wa ta’la is very explicit on this issue. So it is revealed: “And, We bring these days (of harsh affliction) to people in turns so that Allah may know who truly believe (in Him) and (He) pickups the martyrs in His way from you. And so that (through these harsh days of affliction) He may purify those who believe and eradicate those who disbelieve.” –(Sura al-Irmarn, Verse 140-141).

The pathology of enmity

The enemies of Islam are not fool. They fully understand the global impact of an Islamic khelafa. The issue of khelafa has the spiritual and ideological force to move the believers across the globe. So, it can draw warriors from all over the world and can quickly turn a Muslim land into a potential core state of Islamic civilisation –as happened in the days of prophet (peace be upon him). Only such a state can dismantle the divisive walls of the Muslim World raised on racial, tribal and linguistic lines. The enemies of Islam express their extreme regrets and frustration vis-à-vis the political wisdom of the Persian and the Roman empires for not extinguishing the nascent Islamic state of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) 14 hundred years ago. They argue that if those two previous World Powers had extinguished the Islamic state at its formative state, the West’s current predicament with Islamists couldn’t crop up at all –as being expressed by the Islamophobics in recent years. The comments in the political columns of London’s Evening Standard, the Daily Mail, the Time and the Telegraph and many others in the West is a clear testimony to that. They argue that the US, the France, the UK, the Germans, the Russians and all other non-Islamic powers should work shoulder to shoulder to dismantle any effort of establishing any Islamic state in any part of the world. So they are in consensus to drop bombs on the Islamists in anywhere in the world. Many of the Muslim countries have joined the anti-Muslim crusade, too. However, such treachery is not new in the Muslim history. When Palestine and Iraq were occupied by the British in 1917, most of its soldiers were non-British; and thousands of them were the Muslim.

In the past, such a consensus argument of the enemies worked successfully to dismantle the united Pakistan in 1971. Because, even in those days, Islam was an issue for them. Now the Russians are bombing the Islamist positions in Syria on the excuse of defending the legitimacy of the country’s ruling regime. They talk about the UN charter; being in power by whatever means is claimed to be the point of legitimacy for Basher al-Assad. But in 1971, the Russians did not find any legitimacy of survival of Pakistan. Soviet Russia then stood shoulder to shoulder with the aggressor India to dismember Pakistan. It was again a war against Islam. Pakistan has its own Islamic history of genesis. After the collapse of the Osmania khelafa, the Indian Muslims –the largest Muslim population in the whole world (currently it is about 500 million), got united to establish the biggest Muslim state of Pakistan in the contemporary world. The united Pakistan could have the population of about 360 million now; hence, it had the potential to become the core civilizational state for the Muslims and the model of Muslim unity amidst geographical gap and ethnic difference. Living in Hindu majority India, it was unthinkable to establish such a core civilizational state. But it was unacceptable to the enemies of Islam –as it is now. They didn’t want such an Islamic state in any part of the world; only few decades ago, they dismantled one (the Osmania khelafa) in the Middle East after a bloody battle. Hence, when Pakistan was created against their unanimous opposition in 1947, they instantly turned the perpetual enemy against its survival. Therefore, Pakistan didn’t need any al-Qaida or ISIS outfits in its midst; the declaration of Islamic State of Pakistan was enough to invite the combined wrath of the enemies from all over the world. This is indeed the true pathology of the anti-Islamists world-wide.

Islam is the complete and comprehensive code of life; hence closes the inroads of ideological corruption of the Muslim intellect by the enemies. It also works as the cementing bondage between the people of different race, land and language. According to the Qur’anic narrative, it is the rope of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’ala that binds the Muslims together. Islam showed its wonderful strength to bind together the people of different ethnicities like Arabs, Persians, Turks, Kurds, Moors and many others for about a thousand years. But whenever the Islamic faith got weaker, the cementing force got eroded, too. As a result, the large Muslim Ummah got quickly divided and almost decimated. Hence, it has always been the enemy strategy to replace Islam with other ideologies to undo the Muslim unity. They implanted secularism, socialism, nationalism, tribalism and racism as the substitute of Islam. It worked successfully to dismember Osmania Khelafat; and showed its success against the unity of Pakistan, too. In both Pakistan and Turkey, and in almost all Muslim countries, the political, intellectual and academic elites and the civil and the military bureaucracy have so much conceptual corruption that Islam stands foreign and incompatible in their  midst. In fact, they feel more comfortable with working with the enemies. Their working stations are indeed the cultural islands of the enemies. The USA and the Russia-led enemies of Islam are reinforcing the same strategy to sustain the same framework of further division and decadence of the Muslim World. In order to eliminate the sense of obligation to Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la from the Muslim mind, the home-grown Trojan horses of the enemies are promoting sports, music, TV shows and Indian or Hollywood films in a massive way as the new morphine. Thus, the process of de-islamisation and dehumanisation in the Muslim World is getting new momentum.

Fighting the Islamists is the agenda

The Western and the Eastern enemies of Islam do not bother about the barbarity of Bashar al-Assad, General Abul Fattah al-Sissi, Narendra Modi or Shaikh Hasina; nor are they worried about the death of more than 3 hundred thousand Syrians and destruction of the Syrian cities and villages. The US war planes carried out the same destruction in Ramadi, Fallujah, Tikrit, Kobani; and now doing the same in Mosul and Raqqa. The Russians did the same in Chechen city of Grozny and in Afghanistan. How to stop the emergence of an Islamic state in any part of the world is their only worry. In fact, they are ready with huge prize money, chemical weapons and other weapons of mass destruction if the established criminals in power show their brutality against the Islamists. They have already taken the autocratic rulers of the Muslim countries as close partners to sustain their policy of hegemony. In the past, the USA and its partners were very happy with the brutal dictators like President Husni Mubarak of Egypt, President Ben Ali of Tunisia, President Hafez al-Assad and his son President Bashar al-Assad of Syria for decades. In 1982, Hafez al-Assad –the father of Bashar al-Assad massacred about 40 thousand people in the city of Hama. The US and its partners didn’t do anything against such brutality, because it was done against the Islamists. Now they are equally happy with the current anti-Islamic autocrats of Egypt, Bangladesh and the gulf sheikhdoms.

When the Islamist stood up against these criminal rulers, the imperialist powers like the USA, the UK, France, Russia and others raised their own brand of terrorists both inside the Army and the rebels to fight exclusively against the Islamists. This way the enemies of Islam are providing a new lease of life to their autocratic comrades, and resisting the revival of Islam. The US army has killed more than a million in Afghanistan and Iraq; and destroyed hundreds of Muslim cities and villages in both these countries. The US-led killing still continues. The Russian Army has killed more than 1.5 million in Afghanistan during their occupations in the eighties; and they are now bombing the cities in Syria. The Indian Army has already killed more than 100 thousands Muslims in Kashmir over the recent years of its intensified military occupation. Now the killing in Kashmir has attained a new high. Bashar al-Assad has killed more than 300 thousands. General Abdul Fatah Al Sissi of Egypt has killed more than 1200 in only one night in the streets of Cairo. Shaikh Hasina -the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, has killed thousands of opposition activists to protect her autocratic rule; and still continues to hijack, torture and kill her political opponents. The Israeli killing machines are relentlessly active in Palestine for more than 70 years to kill or evict the original settlers. More than 5 million Palestinians, 4 million Syrians, 2 million Afghans and about half a million Rohinga Muslims still live as refugee in foreign lands. In 14 hundred years of Islam’s history, such genocidal atrocities and eviction could be compared only with the atrocities committed to the Spanish Muslims after the fall of Muslim rule there.

The new low and the worst betrayal

To distract the public eyes from their own crimes, the perpetrating state-terrorists of the West and Russia have deployed an old malicious strategy. They have raised the bogey of Islamists to scare the Muslims as well as the world population. They always need some bogey to flex their muscle and occupy new lands. The US-led coalition used the pretext of al-Qaida to occupy Afghanistan and Iraq. Now using presence of the Islamists to destroy and occupy Syria. As if, the Islamists have killed more people than the USA, the Russian, the Indian, the Syrian and the Egyptian Armies and turned many cities to rubbles. The Pharaoh showed his devilish skill to successfully sell lies to the Egyptian people; he could project Prophet Musa (peace upon him) as the evil magician and an enemy of the Egyptian people. He could also justify the brutal slaughtering of the Banu Israeli men and enslavement of their women. He could also impose himself on the Egyptian people as a god.

The Egyptian people were not moron; they could build pyramids and mummify people for thousands of years. But they surrendered to lies. This is the magic manipulative power of the state authority. And such state power of the US-led coalition is far superior to Pharaoh. Pharaoh didn’t have drones, nuclear bombs, modern propaganda machines and a huge army spread over the whole world. Therefore, the selling power of lies of this imperialists’ coalition is far greater. So, is there any surprise that President Obama - the drone-master cum the head of the most genocidal state on earth would be given the Noble Prize and the defenceless Islamists will be labelled as the global threat? This is the lowest low of human civilisation. Only with such moral low, people could deliver the perfect legality to the creation of Israel on the occupied land of Palestine and eviction of its people. It is also the new low of the Muslims. Instead of spreading the Divine Truth to others, they too, stand fully succumbed to the manipulative power of the neo-Pharaoh. Therefore, along with the occupying kuffar forces, they too stand against establishment of Islamic state in any part of the Muslim World. What else could be the worst betrayal of Islam? 16/10/2016

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