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Another white lie of India exposed PDF Print E-mail
Written by Asif Haroon Raja   
Sunday, 24 February 2013 06:58

Anti-India feeling in Pakistan and anti-Pakistan feeling in India have always been rampant in both countries. Unabated revulsion for each other since the inception of two countries as independent countries has earned them the title of arch rivals. Leaders of India whip up animus against Pakistan out of political expediency while Pakistan does the same out of genuine security fears since India is several times bigger in size and resources and has wicked designs against Pakistan. Indian habit of harming its neighbors is akin to a scorpion, which by habit cannot help biting. In contrast to India’s immoral conduct, all South Asian states believe in living in peace and harmony and none has ever tried to harm the interests of other. Of all the countries in South Asia,
Pakistan has suffered the most at the hands of India and continues to endure its never ending machinations.

America can no longer afford its global imperium PDF Print E-mail
Written by Eric Margolis   
Tuesday, 02 October 2012 21:03

The killing of the US ambassador to Libya and angry demonstrations across the Muslim world over a tacky anti-Islamic hate video have produced the usual flood of wrong-headed commentary from our media and politicians. Across the land comes the familiar cry, “why do they hate us?” That any Americans can in this day and age still be surprised that their nation is hated by many people from Morocco to Indonesia to Nigeria is by far the biggest surprise. We have learned little from 9/11.

The Game Rigging Through Constitutions PDF Print E-mail
Written by Fazlul Aziz   
Tuesday, 03 July 2012 19:43

The Teams and the Super League

There are about two hundred football teams (UN members) in the world today. The rules of the game have been written by the big European teams (countries) and another big team of European origin, the USA. The rules were made by America, Britain, France and Russia the victors of World War Two. They have created a permanent Super League made up of the four Europeans and one non-European China. These five teams are a super-league on its own and these teams are never relegated to a lower league, no matter what they do. Moreover, these teams not only decide the rota they can also impose their will and decide the outcome of all other games played by the teams in the lesser leagues. This they are able to do through sanctions and with holding essential kits and equipments needed in football competitions e.g. club funds and football boots (translatation: economic sanctions and arms embargo).

The Latest Extinction Campaign Against the Rohingyas of Burma PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dr. Habib Siddiqui, USA   
Tuesday, 19 June 2012 19:34

It has been little more than two months that Aung San Suu Kyi was elected into the lower house of Burmese Parliament. The by-elections (only the country's third in half a century) in which her party NLD won 44 of the 45 available seats were a crucial test of reforms that convinced the West to soften its pariah image. The United States and European Union hinted that some sanctions - imposed over the past two decades in response to gross human rights abuses (e.g., against the minority Rohingya Muslims and Kachin and Karen Christians) - might be lifted, unleashing a wave of investment, which this impoverished but resource-rich country, bordering Bangladesh, Thailand, India and China, badly needs.


অবসরে যাওয়ার পর লেখা রায় বৈধ নয় PDF Print E-mail
Written by সাবেক বিচারপতি টিএইচ খান   
Monday, 11 June 2012 20:17

সুপ্রিমকোর্টের জ্যেষ্ঠতম আইনজীবী সাবেক বিচারপতি টিএইচ খান বলেছেন, চাকরির মেয়াদ শেষে অবসরে যাওয়ার পর কোনো বিচারপতির রায় লেখা বা রায়ে স্বাক্ষর করার আইনগত এখতিয়ার ও ভিত্তি নেই। তিনি বলেন, বিচারপতি এবিএম খায়রুল হক প্রধান বিচারপতির পদ থেকে অবসরের ১৩ মাস পর তত্ত্বাবধায়ক সরকার বাতিল করে দেয়া রায় লিখেছেন বলে যে মন্তব্য করেছেন তা খুবই দুঃখজনক। অবসরে যাওয়ার পর তিনি এই রায় লেখার এখতিয়ার রাখেন না। তার লেখা রায়ের সঙ্গে অন্য বিচারপতিরা একমত বা স্বাক্ষর করবেন বলে আমি বিশ্বাস করি না। কারণ, তিনি অবসরে চলে গেছেন এক বছরেরও বেশি সময় আগে। অবসরে যাওয়ার পর খায়রুল হক একজন সাধারণ নাগরিকে পরিণত হয়েছেন। গতকাল সাংবাদিকদের এক প্রশ্নের জবাবে তিনি একথা বলেন।

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