Betrayal of Islam & the Infrastructure of Failure PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal   
Saturday, 05 November 2016 08:55

The betrayal

Islam has its own mission, vision and objectives; there is no obscurity or ambiguity on these basics. To be a true Muslim, one needs to be strictly life-long adherent to those Islamic mission, vision and objectives. Otherwise, he or she becomes a kafir (disbeliever) or a munaifiq (hypocrite). According to Islam, the worst category of humans are not the kafir; they are the munfiq. In the hereafter, they will be dumped in the worst part of the hellfire. Surprisingly, the munafiqs are not the product of any kafir family, society or state. These vilest creature come exclusively from the Muslim families, societies or states. Because of these evil people, a Muslim state runs the highest risk of turning into the worst place on earth –as currently being evidenced in many parts of the world. Millions of people of these Muslim states are now giving preference to living even in kuffar states. These evil peoples are produced through a process of betrayal against Islam’s core beliefs and agenda. They are Muslim only by name; but their culture, politics, warfare, education, law, constitution, banking and economics show total disobedience to Qur’anic decrees. Such disobedience, could only bring down the promised wrath of Allah Sub’han wa Ta’la.

Absence of Muslims’ Core Civilizational State & the Fall-out PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal   
Saturday, 05 November 2016 08:38

The recipe for unending catastrophe

Whatever massive is the cost of establishing a core Islamic civilization state –the Islamic Khilafa, the benefits are immense. The human history has been witness to enormous benefits of such a state in the past. No state or institution could match its contribution. In the whole span of human history, it is the only example of civilizational excellence of the whole mankind. The early Muslims could reach a civilizational peak in their history only because of the massive humanising project of the Islamic Caliphate. The survival and the spread of Qur’anic Islam, the continuation of the prophetic mission, the security of the Muslims’ lives and the sustenance of the Muslims’ political and cultural dominance through centuries were only possible because of such a supportive infrastructure of a strong Islamic state.


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Terrorism of the Secularist Fascists & the Unending War PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal   
Tuesday, 06 September 2016 18:06

The cradle of holocausts

The West –especially Europe has proven to be the fertile breeding ground of evil ideologies that brought holocausts to millions of people all over the world. Adolf Hitler was not the only European to cause holocaust; he had many more European predecessors to cause scores of catastrophic holocausts all over the world -especially on the land of Americas, Australia, New Zealand. The West has never been the cradle of any Divine religion or any benevolent civilisation; rather has given birth to colonialism, imperialism, racism, capitalism, nationalism, fascism, Nazism and many other toxic ideologies that caused bloody civil wars, occupational wars, World Wars, Cold Wars and ethnic or ideological cleansing. More awfully, the West could add a new level of carnage in the history by dropping nuclear bombs. The quest for acquiring most devastation weapons of mass destruction still continues. Recently, the remotely controlled drones has enormously enhanced the USA’s terrorising power; anybody in any part of the world can be easily targeted by its war machine.


Institutional Collapse of the Muslims & the Worst Betrayal of Islam PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal   
Sunday, 16 October 2016 10:57

Muslims’ vision and institutions

Making a man proper human has always been the most difficult as well as the most massive task in human history. An animal can be a full animal on its own; it doesn’t need any institutional care or education. But a man can’t grow up as a true human in an institutional void. In deprivation of humanising intervention, man turns animal, too. Hence, it is very crucial to build humanising institution. Only a value-adding institutional process can help men and women to grow up with human values. Humanity, morality, spirituality and other higher values rise or die in people depending on the quality and intensity of investment on such institutions. Families, mosques, madrasas, schools, universities and other institutions can’t do the job properly unless the state institutions and those who run the state play the role with higher conscience, knowledge and morality. The ruling elites are the people who drive the institutions. They can restrain, enhance, corrupt and stop the inputs; thus, they play the decisive role. The quality and intensity of the humanising process depend entirely on the political and ideological motive of these ruling elite. With the evil people in the helm of affairs, these institutions too, turn into most corruptive and dehumanising industry on earth. To run their evil operations, the wicked rulers like Pharaoh, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, George W Bush and others got the supply of their required manpower from these evil industry.  Hence it was the greatest wisdom of the prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) and his great companions that they gave topmost priority on freeing these institutions from the devilish occupation. Otherwise, all the Islamising efforts of the prophet and the sacrifices of his companions might have gone in vain –as happened with many prophets and their companions.

জিহাদ ও সন্ত্রাস PDF Print E-mail
Written by ফিরোজ মাহবুব কামাল   
Sunday, 28 August 2016 14:10

সন্ত্রাসের নাশকতা ও ঈমানী দায়ভার

ঈমানদারকে শুধু হারাম-হালাল ও হিংস্র জন্তু-জানোয়ারদের চিনলে চলে না, চিনতে হয় সমাজের অতি হিংস্র সন্ত্রাসী জীবদেরও। চিনতে হয় কোনটি জিহাদ এবং কোনটি সন্ত্রাস। তাকে সঠিক ভাবে চিনতে হয় কোনটি মহান আল্লাহতায়ালার পথ, এবং কোনটি শয়তানের। কারণ, প্রতি সমাজে এরাই সন্ত্রাসের মূল নায়ক। মানব জীবনে সবচেয়ে গুরুত্পূর্ণ ও সবচেয়ে উপকারী হলো এই জ্ঞান। মানব সমাজে সবচেয়ে বড় অভাব এই জ্ঞানের। বাংলাদেশের ন্যায় মুসলিম দেশগুলিতে কলেজ-বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় থেকে পাশ করা ডিগ্রিধারীদের সংখ্যা বাড়লেও বাড়েনি সেরূপ জ্ঞানবানদের সংখ্যা। ফলে বাড়েনি সত্যকে চেনার সামর্থ্য। কোনটি জিহাদ এবং কোনটি সন্ত্রাস – তা নিয়ে গভীর অজ্ঞতার কারণে মানুষ তখন দলে দলে স্বৈরাচারী জালেম, কাফের ও ফাসেকদের পক্ষে ভোট দেয়, অর্থ দেয়, লেখালেখি করে, এমনকি যুদ্ধও করে। সে যুদ্ধে অনেকে প্রাণও দেয়। সংখ্যাগরিষ্ঠ মুসলিমের দেশ এভাবে স্বৈরাচারী দুর্বৃত্তদের হাতে অধীকৃত হয়; এতে পরাজিত হয় ইসলাম; এবং বিলুপ্ত হয় শরিয়তী বিধান। তাদের মূল যুদ্ধটি মহান আল্লাহতায়ালার বিরুদ্ধে। ফলে তাদের বিজয়ে ব্যর্থ হয় মানব জাতিকে জান্নাতে নেয়ার মহান আল্লাহতায়ালার নিজস্ব প্রজেক্ট। মানব শিশুগণ তখন বেড়ে উঠে শয়তানের দলের নৃশংস সন্ত্রাসী রূপে। এমন অধিকৃত দেশ তখন দুর্বৃত্তি ও নৃশংস সন্ত্রাসে রেকর্ড গড়ে। শয়তানী শক্তির পক্ষে জানমালের এরূপ বিনিয়োগে সমাজে শান্তি আসে না, বরং যেটি সুনিশ্চিত হয় সেটি জাহান্নামের আযাব। পবিত্র কোর’আনে সে কঠোর হুশিয়ারীও বার বার এসেছে।


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